Anti-racism event hosted by Edinburgh University bans white people from asking questions

The College of Edinburgh has been criticised for internet hosting an “anti-racism” occasion wherein white folks have been attributable to be banned from asking questions.

The convention has been organised by the Resisting Whiteness group which opposes racism and describes itself as a QTPOC (queer and trans folks of color) organisation.

There shall be two “safe spaces” on the occasion certainly one of which white folks shall be barred from getting into.

The secure locations are meant for many who really feel “overwhelmed/overstimulated or uncomfortable”.

A blurb for the “conference, talks and workshops” on the metropolis’s Pleasance Theatre, which goal to “amplify the voices of individuals of color,  says: “We are going to subsequently not be giving the microphone to white folks through the Q&As, not as a result of we do not assume white folks have something to supply to the dialogue, however as a result of we need to amplify the voices of individuals of color.

“If you are a white person with a question, please share it with a member of the committee or our speakers after the panel discussion.”

Questions explored through the convention will embrace “what does it mean to be a queer and/or trans person of colour in a society that frequently does not want to see us?”.

However, Jane McColl, an anti-racism campaigner, stated the occasion itself was “blatantly racist”, including: “It units again the battle to attain equality and equity by a long time, all due to the actions of a tiny group of extremists, whose perverse sense of logic has led them to belittle white folks, not by who they’re as people, by merely due to their pores and skin color.

“Imagine if this event was called ‘Resisting Blackness’ and non-white people were told they could not ask questions, nor access a room because they were the ‘wrong’ colour.”

A spokesman for the college stated tackling racism was an vital matter for debate however added that it positioned “great value on issues around equality and voice”.

He stated: “Consequently the college has met with the occasion organisers to make sure the occasion is compliant with our values.

“We have expressed our concerns to them about certain aspects of the format of the event and they are revising their ‘safe space’ policy for the conference as a result.”


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