Barbara Palvin Gives Epic Response After Ex Justin Bieber Compares Himself To Her BF Dylan Sprouse


Barbara Palvin’s ex Justin Bieber just lately made a wild declare evaluating himself to her present BF Dylan Sprouse. Now she’s giving at epic clap again that nobody may high her sweetheart.

Justin Bieber made an out of the blue declare on Aug. 31 that he appeared precisely like twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse, 27, after they have been children. The 25-year-old went as far as to dig up previous images of the twins as kids and ones of himself across the similar age and posted the collage to his Instagram, saying they appeared “so similar.” Dylan’s girlfriend, mannequin Barbara Palvin, 25, used so far Justin and has a message for him: “No one can be compared to the Sprouse twins,” which you can watch right here.

That’s what Barbara instructed Leisure Tonight on the pink carpet of the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS social gathering on Sept. 6. She additionally had one other situation with what Justin wrote. He captioned the collage “Me and the Sprouse twins looked so similar as a baby. I coulda subbed in for them for big daddy. Comment yes or no down below! ?? @dylansprouse @colesprouse,” referring to the 1999 Adam Sandler comedy wherein the Sprouse twins co-starred.  “I don’t agree,” the sweetness instructed ET about Justin having the ability to pull off the Massive Daddy function that her sweetheart did.

Barbara was lacking Dylan, telling the outlet “I wish he was here. I feel very empty and lonely right now” and that he was alleged to attend along with her however had a last-minute work dedication. “His name was on the invitation and I’m like ugh, I’m alone.” However they keep up a correspondence each day when aside. “We make sure we Facetime once a day and we text and send a lot of stupid memes to each other,” she revealed. Barbara and Justin reportedly briefly dated in 2012 in between certainly one of what can be lots of Justin and Selena Gomez‘s many break ups and make ups.

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