Check if Stadia will work well with your Internet connection


Google Stadia is here. Well, not the platform as such, but all the details of Google’s streaming service. Something basic in this model is the Internet connection, and we can check if our connection is optimal for Stadia in a simple test.

Google held a “new” event for them yesterday. It was a kind of Nintendo Direct … but Google. The Stadia presentation event left us many questions a few months ago, and Google has already answered most of them.

So, we have already told you all the details of Stadia, such as the necessary Internet connection, the price of the service or the pack with Chromecast, but we have also detailed the games that will be available during the first bars of life and the difference between Stadia Pro and Stadia Base. Now, it’s time to check if our Internet connection is enough for Stadia.

And, the company shared a table in which it specified the characteristics of our network to support the different resolutions of Stadia . If we want to play at 720p, we will have to have a 10 Mbps connection. For 1.080p, about 20 Mbps and for 4K in the optimal state, 35 Mbps.

The theory is fine, but as Google knows that this is going to generate more questions than answers, it has enabled an Internet connection test for Stadia. You only have to enter through this link to see if you can play Stadia with your Internet connection.

Now, we will see if this is maintained when the service is launched, since playing games by streaming is not something as simple as enjoying Netflix: here comes into play the latency of the command and the game itself, and if it does not go as should, we risk a grim experience with Stadia.

Anyway, so you can measure the Internet connection to play Stadia and decide if it is worth taking the leap to this new way of playing to be launched in November.


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