Confidential Gmail mode will be available in June


It was earlier this year when Google began testing Gmail’s confidential mode, an option that was available to customers of G Suite, the well-known service of the giant Mountain View that includes several tools and office solutions.

The availability of this function was limited to certain accounts, and today Google has confirmed that it will have general availability as of June 25, that is, by the end of next month. There is always the possibility that some small delay will be produced due to last-minute problems, but in this case, it would be something exceptional.

The confidential mode adds a layer of protection that acts through a series of options that allow limiting, totally or partially, the access rights to the emails that we have sent. This is very useful, especially in those cases in which we send confidential information and we do not want it to be available indefinitely in the recipient’s inbox.

So, as an example, with this mode, we can send emails that have a specific expiration date. When this is fulfilled said email will no longer be available.

We can also establish a revocation of the right of access to such mail on a specific date and set restrictions that affect the options of forwarding, copying, downloading and printing. It is important to keep in mind that all these restrictions also affect any file that is attached to each email.

Finally, it is possible to establish a “double factor” authentication in Gmail, which blocks the emails sent until the recipient enters a specific code that will reach the mobile phone that is linked through a text message. This function is very useful, especially when we handle very important information and we want to avoid the risks associated with accounts that may have been “hijacked” because even if an electronic mail account has been compromised only the recipient can read the emails at being the only one to receive the unlock code.

The function will be activated by default in the G Suite administration console from June 25, its release date at a general level, although we can already test it in beta.


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