‘Dog’s Most Wanted’: Beth Chapman Gets Emotional Over Losing Her Hair To Chemo



The Sept. 11 episode of ‘Dog’s Most Needed’ picked up with Beth Chapman three weeks into chemotherapy for her most cancers, and she or he had an emotional second as she discusses shedding her hair.

Beth Chapman’s second battle with stage IV lung most cancers was documented on her and Canine The Bounty Hunter’s new present, Canine’s Most Needed, and on the Sept. 11 episode, we noticed her inspecting her hair within the mirror following three weeks of chemotherapy. After all, Beth knew a aspect impact of the chemo can be shedding her hair, so she deliberate forward when she discovered that she can be taking the medicine. “I had my hair person braid my hair really good and then [she] sewed my extensions on,” Beth defined whereas three weeks into her therapy. “I figured I would at least have a little bit better shot of hanging onto my hair a little bit longer.”

This episode was taped again at first of 2019, and as we all know from following Beth’s journey since then, she ultimately stopped chemo in favor of other remedies. All through her whole battle, although, she stayed busy by searching down criminals together with her husband, Canine. “I’m just coping and dealing every day, trying to stay busy,” Beth stated within the newest episode. “I’m a little bit concerned if they start using mace and pepper ball guns and stuff like that. Those things are definitely very harmful to me right now. There’s a lot to think about, but I don’t want to be that person that’s laying in that bed. I don’t want to be that person. If I’m going to die, I’m going to die in my boots.”

After ending her examination of her hair and ensuring every thing was in place, Beth advised the cameras, “Look, I can laugh about it today, but I assure you, I’m going to be crying about it tomorrow. Because today I have to catch somebody.”

Beth was entrance and middle throughout a lot of the chase for ‘Willie Boy’ Duarte, and when it got here to lastly capturing him, she performed an enormous half within the negotiations. She additionally gave Willie Boy an inspiring speak after he was arrested. “You don’t gotta follow in [your father’s] footsteps,” she advised him. “That’s not the road you have to take. You got kids. These high speeds…you could’ve hit someone in a crosswalk! It has real consequence. You gotta be man enough to ome in. Don’t make us chase you around like that. I’m proud of you. At least this time, you made it to the finish line. I appreciate it.”

Nonetheless, it was no secret that the strenuous work was taking a toll on Beth’s well being. “Beth is not feeling good,” Canine admitted at one level through the episode. “I’ve got obligations to keep my honey alive.” The present’s narrator additionally added, “Long nights with dramatic captures and wild chases haven’t done much to assist Beth in her recovery.” The journey will proceed subsequent week with one other episode on Sept. 18.


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