Donald Trump announces new sanctions on Iran from Monday


The execution of Iran by a Defense employee is part of the growing tension between the two powers: “We are prepared to face any threat,” warns the Islamic Republic.

Iran has executed in recent days a former employee of the aerospace organization of the Ministry of Defense on charges of espionage for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the  United States, the news agency IRIB reported on Saturday.

Jalal Hajizavar had left his post nine years ago and was sentenced by a military court after an investigation that uncovered documents and spy equipment in his home, according to the report. He has been executed in the Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, west of  Tehran, and more details are unknown.

The execution is part of the escalation of tension that has been occurring in recent days between the two powers. Iran has ensured that it will not allow any US violation of its territory in response to eventual action by US President  Donald Trump, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman  Abas Mousavi said.

The US president announced on Saturday that his country will impose new “important” sanctions on Iran in two days, only hours after declaring that it would be the new “best friend” of the Islamic Republic if it renounces nuclear weapons.

“We are going to put important additional sanctions on Iran on Monday,” Trump wrote on Twitter, adding: “I look forward to the day when sanctions on Iran are lifted, and they become a prosperous and productive nation again  – the sooner the better! “

Trump confirmed that on Friday he had ordered a selective attack against the Islamic republic, but stopped him at the last moment on learning that he had caused about 150 deaths because that retaliation would not have been “proportionate” to the downing of a US drone.

Abas Musavi has said that “regardless of the decision they make,”  they will not allow “the borders of the Islamic Republic to be violated .” “We are prepared to face any threat to the integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the Iranian news agency Tasnim reported.


For his part, Trump says he will be Iran’s “best friend” and that the Islamic Republic could be a “rich” country if it renounces nuclear weapons.

“We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon,” the president told reporters outside the White House as he prepared to travel to  Camp David to hold meetings on the situation with Tehran.

“When they accept this, they will have a rich country, they will be very happy and I will be their best friend, I hope that happens,” Trump said.

He also described as “wise” Iran’s decision not to shoot down an  American P8 military aircraft with passengers who were in the area where the drone was shot.

“There was a plane with 38 people yesterday, have you seen it? I think it’s a great story, they had it in sight and they did not knock it down, I think they were very wise not to do that,” the governor said.


On Thursday,  Iran’s Revolutionary Guardian Corps shot down a US surveillance drone for violating international standards by crossing Iranian borders and entering its territorial waters. Washington says the drone did not violate Iranian airspace and that it was shot down in international waters.

The device is an unmanned surveillance unarmed  MQ-4 Triton model and was shot down by a surface-to-air missile of the Jordan 3 air defense system, designed and manufactured in Iran.

After the incident, Iran convened the Swiss ambassador in Tehran, which represents the interests of the United States in the country, and expressed its protest for what it considers a violation.

The Iranian government has published on Saturday the alleged route followed by the  United States drone that the Islamic Republic shot down this week to show that the aircraft was inside its airspace when it was intercepted.

In addition, the Emirati charge d’affaires was presented to the Foreign Ministry, after being summoned to receive the protests of Iran because the drone departed “from a US military installation in the  Emirates “.

Tehran does not accept the granting of facilities to “foreign forces for an offensive against Iran,” the head of the Persian Gulf Department of the  Iranian Foreign Ministry told the  Emirati diplomat.


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