Donald Trump partially lifted the ban on Huawei: US companies will be able to sell their products to the brand


After six weeks of uncertainty, Donald Trump lifted the veto imposed by the US Department of Commerce on Huawei. American companies, therefore, can conduct business with the Chinese corporation normally.

During the summit of leaders of the G20, Donald Trump, president of the United States, has announced the end of the veto imposed on Huawei . US companies may, therefore, sell their products to the Chinese firm without any restriction by the US Department of Commerce.

“We send and sell to Huawei a huge amount of products for everything they manufacture, and I think that’s fine,” Trump said, assuring that trade with the Asian brand can continue through the usual courses . “It’s a very complex, highly scientific issue. In some cases we are the only ones that manufacture this technology. “

We have agreed that US companies can sell products to Huawei.

Last May, Donald Trump and the US Department of Commerce included Huawei in the “entity list” , a measure that prohibited US companies from doing business with the Chinese firm without prior authorization from the government. The decision affected companies such as Google, Microsoft or Intel, which provide various technologies to the Chinese corporation.

With reservations

Although today’s statements are an obvious step forward with regard to the state in which the Asian technology was, they come accompanied by points that still leave the air the end of the negotiations. As noted by Bloomberg , Trump has made reference to a forthcoming meeting of the US Department of Commerce in which it will be decided which products can be sold to Huawei by state companies and which are not. Likewise, it has not confirmed that the Chinese firm will be removed from the Entity List , the “black list” that started this situation.

After the lifting of the veto, however, Huawei will be able to reacquire technologies from US companies without any restriction, thus ensuring smooth supply and the continuity of their different businesses. The phones of the brand, in addition, will be able to make use of the services of Google – one of the biggest concerns of the consumers-.


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