Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram stop pre-installing apps on Huawei smartphones


It is another practice that Huawei has to cut off the facilities from companies from the US like Facebook has canceled the installation of apps on both Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram that came into the device from the factory.

that means Users who have purchased a new Huawei mobile device will not have the Facebook app installed on the device at first. Must install itself through the Google Play Store if that phone still has permission from Google.

Most popular apps like WhatsApp and Instagram can also be downloaded and installed. But have to download and install on their own from the Play Store as well.

Of course, this also requires time to solve various situations. And clarity That last When are the companies from the US banning Huawei? And if it is long-term, Huawei will find something to replace in some applications.

Comment from the team showing the progress

This matter is not likely to affect Huawei. Because users who bought the device Can download the app to install itself But that should have more impact is that Facebook itself will have fewer apps installed in new devices.


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