Forecast horoscopes, June 26, 2019


Forecast on Wednesday, June 26

Today, Chansey Simon Aroi from 02.42 hrs onwards is an auspicious time for contacting the monks, religious officials, priests, ministers of prayer at 17.23-18.42 hrs. Today is Sunthornphu and World Anti-Drug Day. Today, do not marry Do not set up the shrine to do business, go north, earn money Helping adults in the east The south followers will work quickly. The southeast is a misery Contacting such work is not convenient. People born on Saturday do not hold an auspicious event today. Because Wednesday is the day of the birth of the people born on Saturday


Regarding money, property may be in conflict The missing items are difficult to return. Should not let anyone borrow money to be easily offended. Any work Young offspring Will be a good hand in wood Do not waste your own energy. And give advice to teach future generations with dynamism Any competitions, enough to have a love story People who love each other have good friendships. Good health The more you come here, the more you go. Today, encountering any problems, use gentle and gentle. Do not be harsh and will be difficult to pass.

Born on monday 

The more work The more power comes back In terms of health, the illness will gradually increase. Good medicine, good doctor, take care of any coordination. Can be successfully managed Financial matters, enough to smile, get money, get money, want to do something new, dare and have a good chance of success Contacting civil servants, do not underestimate. Do not travel, accept anything, haphazardly, and get good people to take care of each other. Cheerful love Get to hang around with people like Be a brother, be kind-hearted

Born on tuesday

About sickness People come to help make the treatment progress. But will be gradual Do not rush to hurry. Money still has no luck, but about the left pocket, right bag Will clear the old story Other people or donate to help the suffering Coordinating new projects Thinking, writing, advertising, direct sales, public relations that must involve a lot of people. Will be successful Gradual As for the love story The story of a spouse is still slow, a lover is busy or sick. Singles also need to eat noodles with friends. No loneliness.

Born Wednesday, lunch

Have a good rhythm to coordinate with people on a regular basis. And is the day to negotiate various things, smiling at ease But the money slowly entered, the deflation paid out more than came in In terms of health, there is still good strength. The sick person will get a good treatment to abate both themselves and close ones. Direct sales contact Doing business Today I would like to use a lot of sincerity. Will be successful as desire is not difficult and adults support the opportunity As for the love of friendship, very generous Good health People who make a living in health will be very active in getting people together.

Born Wednesday night

Diligence Fight your job, don’t retreat. And prudence will help every problem pass Adults will see work skills. Love is also a great encouragement. People love you so much. And is a good day to contact adult government officials And self-determination will solve everything Good friend The problem will be dependable. As for that love, lovers bring comfort to Singles are very pleasant to people who come to love. Waiting for news Healthy yet bright Be careful about finances and waste. The missing items are difficult to return. Should not let anyone borrow money.

Born on thursday 

Contacting civil servants, leaders in various organizations Will be quite smooth But money is still slow If he had come in often, he would have paid more money and still had to be careful of losing money without reason. Gambling is not going to be ruined. As for that love, there are people who are staring at the eyes. But be careful to meet all the suffering The mouth said that the hand grabbed him. Health is also good. That is the noblest.

Born on friday

Fortunately, the financials still run today. Contacting business coordination Especially sales of all types Work that requires negotiation People with a career as a dealer will make a high income. Adults are ready to support. Love is bound to travel. Went to the temple to be able to crush people You are charming And a joyful mood to be close to anyone who brings joy to him In the matter of health, the legs will become sick easily, tired, easier than usual. Do not overdo much.

Born on saturday

Also be careful about making important decisions Coordination with adults is still not very good, but only half of them hope that if they don’t hurt themselves, they are very lucky. Today, there are good criteria for coordination. The story is still untouched. Still, do not see results quickly, the day must be calm. Please contact the people ready to work. Success. But be careful about betting Will take Duang Kut if jumping into dedicated The finances is still stiff. Don’t underestimate it. It’s hard to get back. Be aware of financial conflicts as well. Love doesn’t have anything to change. Work. Better than all Good health Illness will ease the problem.


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