Honor Launches 5G smartphone will arrive in Q4 2019


While Huawei is preparing to launch its first 5G foldable smartphone, Honor will present its first device capable of supporting the new network standard by the end of 2019. It is stated by George Zhao, CEO of the Chinese manufacturer’s sub-brand. , in an interview with Shanghai.

5G Concept with blue background blue text

The number one of the brand intends to create a 5G smartphone that includes all the technologies that are bringing the company’s products to success: photography and artificial intelligence. For the future, the goal is to improve earnings abroad. In 2018, Honor’s foreign income accounted for 25-30% of its revenue, compared to 15-20% in 2017. In a few years, up to 50% can be reached, Zhao said.

On the other hand – according to Canalys data – the parent company Huawei has seen its presence on the European market grow by 55.7% in Q4 2018 with the results improving even in the first part of 2019. Both are also working to offer an increasingly wide range of products: from wearables to IoT devices through smart speakers and without forgetting smartphones.

The Honor smartphone with 5G support will come a little late compared to the competition ( Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 5G is already on the market for example), but this will not be a big problem given the slow spread of fifth-generation networks. As already mentioned, the smartphone market is experiencing a moment of crisis and the hope is precisely in 5G, as reported by IDC.


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