Huawei has filed the trademark registration of HONGMENG OS in many countries


Since there are hot issues with the United States After that, there was news about HongMeng OS, the operating system that Huawei developed itself. Recently, it is reported that Huawei has filed this trade registration in many countries.

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Global Brand Database discloses information about the registration of HONGMENGtrademarks in Thailand and other countries, including Australia, Canada, Cambodia, the European Union, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland. Pending process

And last month The trademark, HONGMENG, is certified in China by the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), which will be used with smartphones, tablets, and computers in the country.

For this operating system, Huawei has prepared Launched in October in the name of Oak OS for the worldwide version and is expected to come with a new flagship smartphone such as the Huawei Mate 30 and earlier. Distributing over 1 million smartphones to test and develop It is interesting how this operating system will be. How many applications can be used? And will be able to fight with 2 large operating systems like Android and iOS or not, must continue to follow


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