IPL 2019: Yuvraj Singh says Rishabh Panth will be a future trend.


Risabh Rajendra Pant is a professional cricket player who plays for India, Delhi, and Delhi capitals. Pant does not need any time to settle when he walks out to bat. On his debut with England, he had smacked the second ball to the boundary which was his scoring shot. But on Sunday against Mumbai Indians he got off on the fifth ball he faced.the shot played by Risabh pant on the sixth ball which he faced was a sign of comeback where Mumbai Indians were unable to send him back earlier. Pant’s strike rate was 257.14 was the second lowest on the day. virat Kohli has made and emphatically said that this IPL can’t change the selection and show the impact on world cup but Rishabh pant would give a shock to the team management by showing his performance. Risabh pant did not spare any one of the bowlers including Jaspreet Bumrah who knows the strengths of pant and this Delhi capitals batsman came up with 18 balls half-century with stunning inexplicable shots. After hitting a wonderful unbeaten 78 off  29 to join the fastest IPL half-century to set tournament alight for  Delhi Capitals against  Mumbai Indians in Wankhede stadium on Sunday night won a praise from 2011 world cup hero Yuvraj Singh.

Risabh pant will be the next big thing:


Yuvraj Singh conveys that he can’t say really about pant’s selection to the world cup but he was amazing today.he had an outstanding session last year and as well he is playing very well in test matches. It is important that he should get trained very well so that he will be the next big thing for us.


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