Letters to the Editor for Saturday, November 9



Re “Patrick Brown goes to dark side in blasting Conservatives” (Mark Bonokoski, Oct. 31): Hey, Bono, suppose again to your early days difficult the established order one Underwood keystroke at a time. These curmudgeon buddies of fogeys and grandparents with Despair-era and war-time beliefs on how a rustic ought to perform. I hate to be the one to interrupt it to you, however you’re them now, and an entire new demographic has changed the Pepsi era. Andrew Scheer’s downfall was catering extra to the previous guard to the default of the brand new one, true to Conservative Celebration style.

Mike Montague


(We desire Coke)


Re “Bill capping pay hikes ‘bad faith’” (Antonella Artuso, Nov. eight): Plainly John Fraser and Andrea Horwath are both unaware that civil servants are paid with our cash or can’t see the distinction between this and a union versus a personal sector employer negotiation. Provided that they’re paid with our cash, they need to be paid the identical because the non-public sector for the same job, much less a reduction to compensate for the distinction in job safety between the private and non-private sectors. Clearly this could require board be wanted to ascertain job worth equivalence within the non-public and public sectors.

Kendall Carey

(It’s really easy to be fiscally irresponsible when your occasion isn’t in energy)


With all of the wailing and gnashing of enamel over the way forward for Canada as a rustic, I’ve a suggestion. Let’s begin negotiating with New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine for a one kilometre-wide hall alongside the Quebec border to New Brunswick. The hall, form of a no man’s land, would come with a brand new freeway, a pipeline and an influence alley. Let Quebec go and see how they fare on their very own. The spin-off for these states can be an financial growth that they might discover laborious to show down. It’s additionally one thing that might be a wake-up name for Quebec, r.e. its future.

Davis Hull


(Good luck to them)


The Conservative Celebration received the favored vote and that’s excellent news. A battle was received however the conflict misplaced — not so good. Election technique is the important thing. By some means it eluded the Conservative Celebration it didn’t want the help of Quebec to kind authorities. They began the marketing campaign in Quebec and ended up with two fewer MPs. In the meantime, a majority Conservative authorities in Ontario was ignored and subjected to assault by the Liberal Celebration. Conservatives had no response. The social conservative values of the West had been attacked. What concerning the so-called social progressive values of Quebec. Ship us your cash whereas we insult you within the course of. The Flintstones and soiled oil come to thoughts. The Conservatives had no response.

Robert Solignac


(Time to rethink their technique)

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