macOS Catalina will allow signing documents using iOS devices


One of the most curious (and useful) advantages of macOS, specifically the Preview application, is to be able to sign documents by drawing our signature on the trackpad or using the computer camera to scan a sheet of paper on which we have drawn that same signature.macOS Catalina will go one step further: it will allow us to sign documents through iPhones and iPads. It will use those devices as “trackpad” in which we will draw our signature with our finger, or we will write it using the Apple Pencil if we have it together with an iPad.

More precision and more comfort

At the moment the novelty is present in beta 1 of macO Catalina and works with iOS devices that carry iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 installed. In the section to add signatures, we will have a new tab that will offer us to use those devices, with a drop-down menu that will allow us to choose the terminal if we have more than one.

It is, in the absence of proof, a way that will, of course, be more accurate than bringing a signature written in a pen to the camera or using the fingers on the trackpad. Of course, you can also continue signing documents from the iPad without problems.

Here are the websites source page where you can get the source link


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