September 13, 2019 | four:31pm

A assist canine simply wasn’t going to chop it.

A New Zealand man going through the ax at work introduced a assist clown to his current redundancy assembly — the $200 performer offered comedic reduction as his bosses fired him.

Auckland advert man Joshua Jack stated he sensed the dangerous information when he obtained an e-mail from his company employer telling him they wanted to have a gathering to debate his position this week.

“It did talk about being able to bring a support person,” Jack stated of the e-mail in an interview with native radio station Magic Discuss on Friday.

“I thought, it’s either a promotion or worse. I thought it was best to bring in a professional — so I paid $200 and hired a clown.”

Information of the support-clown stunt rapidly proliferated when the New Zealand Herald printed an image of Jack having a severe assembly with the emotional-support clown and two employers seated throughout from him.

Jack did get fired in the long run, however he stated his bosses on the promoting company FCB have been grateful he determined to “spice up the meeting” and “could see the humorous side.”

The clown mimed crying as Jack’s employers slid the redundancy paperwork throughout the desk and created a balloon unicorn and poodle to lighten the temper.

“They were getting a free service and also getting the entertainment from Joe the clown,” Jack stated, however conceded the clown was slightly distracting.

“It was sort of noisy, him making balloon animals, so we did have to tell him to be quiet from time-to-time.”

The clown thought it was a “touch unusual,” Jack stated, however was “overall supportive” within the assembly.

“He was $200 so basically he was, I assume, one of the best clowns in Auckland,” Jack stated. “I definitely recommend bringing Joe or another clown. Highly recommended.”

A proliferation of unusual assist animals lately — together with a assist peacock, duck and squirrel — have precipitated complications for US airways, however it’s unclear the place they stand on emotional-support clowns.