Merge into BJP .. TDP MPs seeking Venkaiah


BJP has launched ‘Operation Kamalam’ to strengthen its political presence in Andhra Pradesh. BJP is making a mockery of TDP leaders .. Four Rajya Sabha members of that party are turning their backs. Rajya Sabha members of the TDP, Sujana Chaudhary, TG Venkatesh, CM Ramesh, and Garikpati Rammohan Rao are joining the BJP. The other three MPs, except Garikapati, went to the Venkaiah residence in Delhi and met Aayan. Those who had gone to the Vice-President’s residence along with Kishan Reddy and JP Nadu gave a resolution to Venkaiah to merge with BJP.

MPs Sujana Chaudhary and TG Venkatesh have already made it clear that they will join the BJP. If the four join the BJP, the NDA’s strength will reach 103 in the Rajya Sabha. At the same time, TDP has only two Rajya Sabha members. BJP leader Somu Veeraraju criticized the TDP for its special status. Kamalam Party leader Vishnuvardhan Reddy said there would be huge additions to the BJP soon. He said that the TDP leaders want to get out of heritage and slavery.  


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