Monday 29 July 2019 horoscope


Monday’s horoscope sees the Sun in Leo square to Uranus in Taurus: crazy expenses in sight!

The horoscope of the day of Monday 29 July 2019: the Sun in Leo, munificent and generous, squares Uranus in Taurus that will try to limit its tendency to squander as if there were no tomorrow. The solution? Get out of the house taking only cash with you: at some point, you will have to stop by force …

Let’s see in detail the forecasts for July 29th, sign by sign:


Aries – The daily horoscope

Mars in Leo, trigon to Jupiter in Sagittarius, will start the week with buckshot loads. If you are not on vacation yet, take advantage of your energy surplus to achieve a decent job.

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Taurus – The daily horoscope

Venus and Mercury in Cancer will inspire you with romantic thoughts about someone special. The transition from thought to sexting is short: don’t be afraid to share your more spicy side.

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Gemini – The daily horoscope

The Moon in your sign will continue to leverage on your deepest emotions, pushing you to analyze some of your behaviors in particular with regard to relationships with others. Illuminations insight.

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Cancer – The daily horoscope

Venus and Mercury in your sign will give you the courage to declare your feelings to a person you have been pointing to since time immemorial. Remember that simplicity is the key to conveying a concept in the most effective way.

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Leo – The daily horoscope

The Sun in its domicile, that is your sign, in quadrature with Uranus and joint with Venus in the last degrees of Cancer will help you to reflect on how to make a qualitative leap in love. Wanting, as you know well, is power.

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Virgo – The daily horoscope

Jupiter in quadrature to your sign and in trigon to Mars will spur you to overcome laziness and dedicate yourself to sport even if the heat reigns unbearable. Watching your abs go up will be a refreshing gratification.

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 Libra – The daily horoscope

Moon in trigon to your sign will make you start the week teeming with new original ideas: write them all down in a notebook to be able to use them one at a time, supplying income for at least a few months.

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Scorpio – The daily horoscope

Mercury in Cancer, opposed to your guiding planet Pluto in Capricorn, will put you in front of a classic dilemma: better a white lie or a raw truth? Only your sharp instinct can give you the answer.

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Sagittarius – The daily horoscope

The Moon in Gemini, as opposed to your sign, could make it a bit difficult for you to communicate your emotions. Don’t try to intellectualize them but be spontaneous, even showing a hint of vulnerability.

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Capricorn – The daily horoscope

Saturn in your sign, combined with Pluto, will help you to complete a task that is very difficult for you: to plan your next vacation. With the certainty of having wi-fi wherever you go, you will be able to accept the idea.

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Aquarius – The daily horoscope

The Sun in opposition to your sign and in quadrature with Uranus in Taurus could make you fall into a clever trap from a shady rival in business. Before accepting any proposal, check the small lines well.

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Pisces – The daily horoscope

Mercury and Venus in Cancer, in trine to your sign, will continue to spread their influential benefits so that you remain optimistic and confident in love. You are beginning to reap the fruits of what you have sown in recent months: enjoy them to the full.

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