Mountaineer’s consciously ventured their lives


On Tuesday an official said that eight climbers suspected to be dead on a hazardous Nanda Devi Mountain which is present in Uttarakhand had put their lives in risk by willing as they have changed the ideas of procedure without seeking any permission adding that number of military helicopters were included in search for the climbers included four Britons, Two Americans, an Australian and one Indian pointed the dead bodies on the Nanda Devi Mountain.

Martin Moran a highly experienced British Climber who escorted the group has been granted authorization in last month to board the eastern peak of the mountain where Mortan’s mountains organization declared that after accomplishing a second base camp which they sketched to endeavor an unclimbed peak 6,477 meters i.e., 21,250 feet high.

Nanda Devi mountain is very dangerous and it cannot be scaled when compared to Mount Everest and these climbers took the risk in consciously and kept their lives in danger after reconstructing their plans by not giving any data and information to the authorities said an official from Uttarakhand.

He added that clearance for scaling the eastern and any direction of this mountain is illegal and we have not yet known about their changes in plan which turned deadly.

Local Treckking and Operator, Surender S.Panwar from Cosmos Tour and Expedition told the agencies that Moran was extremely experienced and had previously climbed the area earlier and it really confusing how a professional climber can commit a mistake he added.

A Local Magistrate, Vijay Kumar Jogdande said that a plan was revised and implemented to re-coupon the bodies which would be dangerous operation due to bad weather and other natural hazards adding that committee meeting to be held to sketch out the plan and a separate team to be sent by foot to uplift the dead bodies.

Some of the pictures that were shot in the respective areas shown four of the dead bodies lying together and another got buried nearby adding that three more bodies may be nearer to them he said.

Tons of climbers from different countries scale the mountains along with the Himalayan Chain but Nanda Devi is compared to be the most dangerous among them


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