New Render of iPhone 11 with Triple Camera.


These days we are very excited about the arrival of iOS 13 next Monday, June 3, and we have left the rumors of the iPhone 11 aside. But today we have an incredible render that shows how this new iPhone would be based on the rumors we have been discussing in recent months and the truth is that it gains much from what we have seen in recent renders.

The rumors that we have seen these last weeks have not ended up liking because of the design of the triple camera. That will incorporate this new iPhone XI a triple camera is more than confirmed but the disposition they will have is not at all clear because the rumors that we have seen are very anti-aesthetic.

This new render makes the design of the iPhone XI you like

Sometimes it depends on how you show certain designs you may or may not like. In the video that you can see below, it has been achieved in a very intelligent way to let us see through the eyes the possible design they will have at the end.

This video shows an iPhone with very conservative design, with a front that still maintains the notch and a connection in the bottom Lighting. That is, according to this designer Apple would not bet in this generation for the USB-C connection something that can be very questioned because as it has reached the iPad Pro it is more likely that Apple will end up moving to this new model of iPhone.

The most controversial point of the iPhone 11 no doubt resides in the back with its camera system. In this design although we try to get the design through the eyes, it is quite difficult to accept it because it certainly does not look good at all. We are many who seek better integration in the chassis of the device as other brands have done and that is not as a goop in the upper left corner as we see in this video render.

We do not finish seeing this design although we believe that in the end as always the users will end up going through the hoop. If you remember, the notch was harshly criticized at the time because it was said to be very ugly and now we see what the standard is like.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this render. Would you buy an iPhone XI that had this design?


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