PETER HITCHENS: These fantasy-land feminists don’t even care about women 

Margaret Atwood is an achieved writer and her 1985 guide The Handmaid’s Story was a fantasy a few world by which girls’s liberation went into reverse

The place of girls on this nation has modified past recognition in my lifetime, largely for the higher, and largely in methods I very a lot approve of. 

In training, the office, politics, the regulation, the church and the media, in promoting and of their portrayal in movies and on TV, the transformation has been gigantic. 

In our college and college system, ladies at the moment are higher off than boys, with most types of choice tilted of their favour.

The query of equal pay for equal work has additionally been solved so far as humanly potential, as Kate Andrews of the Institute of Financial Affairs has proven and can patiently clarify to anybody who doubts it. 

However those that doubt it achieve this as a result of they need to doubt it, so they’re bored with info. I will come to that.

So why are we being subjected to an ideal flood of media pigswill about how the oppression of girls is a superb and rising drawback? 

Effectively, partly it’s because of the frantic, overblown promotion of a tiresome and quite embarrassing guide by Margaret Atwood, The Testaments.

Enter any bookshop and it’s piled upon the entrance desk. 

The BBC is giving it the free promotion it reserves for these books it deeply approves of. 

Girls garbed in purple dressing robes and white lampshades are roaming London to publicise it.

Ms Atwood is definitely an achieved writer, and her 1985 guide The Handmaid’s Story was a intelligent fantasy a few world by which girls’s liberation went into reverse. 

Effectively, truly it wasn’t a lot of a fantasy.

It was clearly primarily based on the 1979 revolution in Iran, which (in addition to being murderously repressive) imposed a stifling model of Islam on women and men alike.

The Iranian Ayatollahs pressured that nation’s girls to huddle and cringe in black veils and robes, after a few years by which that they had been free to decorate as they preferred.

It may also have referred to Saudi Arabia, however in that nation the standing of girls has all the time been fairly strictly managed. 

In more moderen years it would extra justly have described the rising strain on previously free girls in such international locations as Egypt and Iraq to undertake the hijab and niqab and settle for second-class citizenship. 

And even the looks on the streets of Western cities of girls in black veils.

Individuals found the plot by means of a nasty, explicitly anti-Christian sensationalised TV collection quite than by means of the duller, extra tempered guide

By setting it in America, she made it all of the extra stunning. But it surely was additionally a nonsense. 

Did anybody actually consider, in 1985, that the USA was going to start out forcing girls to go about in shrouds? In fact not. Nor do they now. 

I do know of no vital Christian sect or church that even believes in any such factor.

However they fake to.

Right here, from the esteemed columnist within the London Instances, Alice Thomson, is a potential rationalization. 

Ms Thomson declared final week: ‘Since I learn The Handmaid’s Story as a pupil 33 years in the past, girls’s rights have progressed, solely to regress.’ 

She added: ‘It was the #MeToo motion that made girls realise simply how little had modified and launched my daughter in addition to three sons to feminism. 

‘But it surely additionally created a backlash.

‘We fake that girls’s rights are nonetheless progressing, with extra jobs for the ladies and in some areas extra equal pay, however in some ways Britain feels more and more like Atwood’s theocracy of Gilead.’

That is pure drivel. 

The fictional Gilead, which most individuals have found by means of a nasty, explicitly anti-Christian sensationalised TV collection quite than by means of the duller, extra tempered guide, is a totalitarian terror state of torture and arbitrary executions by which girls are banned from the professions and energy, denied training, subjected to licensed rape and diminished to home servitude.

The TV model incorporates scenes of virtually pornographic cruelty involving chains, muzzles and torture, plus a profanity-flecked mockery of the Lord’s Prayer. 

The heroine is raped. 

Simply in case any of us did not get the message, the crime takes place to the background of church organ music.

In case any viewers nonetheless do not perceive the purpose (Christians are unhealthy!), the rapist reads chunks out of the Bible as he proceeds.

In what means, Alice, does Britain resemble or ‘really feel like’ this? Do inform. 

Can you discover me a single vital Christian who advocates such a society? 

How did you escape out of your misogynist captors for lengthy sufficient to jot down this comical drivel? 

How did you then get it printed in a nationwide newspaper? 

Speak about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

There’s one other essential side of this, which I’ve to maintain mentioning. There are locations the place girls are certainly oppressed. 

There’s a faith which – in some variations – expects girls to be veiled and submissive and provides them authorized rights inferior to these of males. 

However the liberal intelligentsia, all the time completely satisfied to pelt the Christian religion with slime, is unusually reluctant to say this.

Odd that the supposed champions of girls’s freedom fall silent on this topic. Odder nonetheless that, having gained a lot, they nonetheless fake they’re oppressed losers.

I am not even certain that these third-wave feminists care all that a lot about girls. 

Their intention isn’t the advance of the lot of girls, however a whole overthrow of the Christian society by which we dwell.  

Lincolnshire Fireplace and Rescue Service has dropped the TV character Fireman Sam as its mascot because of alleged ‘adverse suggestions’

 A ‘numerous’ fireplace brigade – filled with feeble males

Lincolnshire Fireplace and Rescue Service (not a brigade any extra) has dropped the TV character Fireman Sam as its mascot because of alleged ‘adverse suggestions’. 

This ‘suggestions’ says that the character isn’t ‘inclusive’ sufficient and would possibly discourage girls from becoming a member of. 

Humorous that ‘adverse suggestions’ from ultra-Leftist fanatics will get listened to, whereas the remainder of us can go whistle if we have now any issues in regards to the emergency companies. 

That is simply the newest idiocy in a relentless marketing campaign which fails as a result of most girls do not need to be firefighters, simply as most males do not need to be nannies. 

Some do. Good luck to them. However most do not.

In March 1999, the then Residence Secretary, Jack Straw, set a goal of 15 per cent girls within the fireplace service by 2009, an enormous enhance on the determine on the time, which was 1.four per cent. 

By 2017, years of effort had acquired the determine as much as 5.2 per cent of firefighters in England. However to realize this the necessities for top and power have needed to be drastically watered down.

I think that the principle result’s that we have now extra weedy males within the fireplace service than we used to. 

Now attempt saying sorry to your personal errors, Archbishop…

I do fear about Archbishop Justin Welby. 

Does he know something? Does he perceive his personal faith? 

There he lies flat on his face within the Indian metropolis of Amritsar, regretting a bloodbath he did not perform 100 years in the past. 

It was fairly completely condemned on the time, and its wrongdoer was pressured to resign.

Archbishop Justin Welby laid flat on his face within the Indian metropolis of Amritsar

Christianity is about recognising your personal faults, Archbishop. 

Get some follow. Explicitly and totally apologise to your Church’s choice to publicly smear the nice, late Bishop George Bell, now proven past doubt to be the results of a one-sided, sloppy kangaroo courtroom.

No must lie on the ground.

Simply ask for forgiveness for a silly, unfair mistake, and the self-importance that has prevented you from admitting it.

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