Pramod Sawant sworn as a new CM of Goa


Goa CM Pramod Sawant wins trust vote and sworns as the new CM of Goa besides 11 members of his party  BJP and three of them from Goa Forward Party and  Maharastrawadi  Gomantak Party and along with the Independents supported Mr.Pramod Sawant  to win floor test.

The opposition secured 15 votes from the 36 member house of 40. Pramod Sawant resignes to the speaker post to sworn as the Chief Minister and Deputy Speaker Michael Lobo was in the chair. BJP MLA Pandurang Madkaikar also allowed to cast his vote who is suffering from a paralytic stroke was allowed to in the voting procedure by sitting in his place .

Condolences to Mr.Parrikar:

Mr. Pramod Sawant pays his condolences to Late Former Chief Minister Parrikar who passed away recently. Mr Pramod Sawant broke down while he was speaking about Mr.Parrikar.  He says that Mr.Parrikar is the only reason for him to become as the Chief Minister. He also said that “I am sitting here as the CM because of Mr.Parrikar and i became MLA beacuse of Mr.Parrikar”. Mr.Sawant delivered these words by overcoming his emotions by finishing his speech.

The house paid their condolences to D’Souza and Vishnu Wagh the former Deputy Speaker and they also paid rich tributes to the Late Former CM Mr.Parrikar. The Public works holder Mr.Dhavalikar conveyed that the Zuari bridge which is being constructed would me named after Mr.Parrikar.

Different ministers from the different parties along with the independent ministers appreciated and accepted the vision of the Late CM Mr.Parrikar. Chandrakanth Kavlekar who is the  opposition of the house from Congress Legislature Party appreciated the dynamism of Late CM Mr.Parrikar. Once again the house paid huge homage and condolences to the departed souls.


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