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Annabelle Comes Home offers enough emotions, shakes and even candid narrations to compensate for the lack of depth of its elements of terror.

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3 out of 5 (Good)

Annabelle arrives home (2019) Release date: June 26, 2019.

Over the course of six years, The Conjuration The franchise took the cases of real life paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, and used them as a springboard for a shared film universe of sequels, sequels and / or prequels that are equivalent to the movies of amusement park amusement parks. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either, since this month’s delivery, Annabelle comes home , she demonstrates. The attempts of pseudo realism are over; instead, the new Prestidigitación The film has fun playing in its creepy sandbox, and avoids taking itself too seriously. Annabelle comes home it offers enough emotions, shakes and even candid narrations to compensate for the lack of depth of its elements of horror.

Unlike the other Annabelle movies, the new spin-off is a half-sequel that takes up right after the prologue to the original Prestidigitation. After helping some nursing students who are being terrorized by the Annabelle doll, Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) take the toy to the cursed art room in their house to save it. However, even there, the Warren discovers that Annabelle is powerful enough to awaken the evil spirits that lie dormant in her “museum,” and place her inside a sacred glass vessel to keep her influence under control. Fortunately, her ten-year-old daughter, Judy (Mckenna Grace) and her nanny Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman) know to stay away from the room while the Warrens are out on business on a Friday night. However, when Daniela (Katie Sarife), Mary Ellen’s friend, unleashes Annabelle without realizing it,

The prolific horror genre writer Gary Dauberman ( Annabelle 1 and 2 , ESO , The Nun ) manages to cut his teeth as director of Annabelle comes home , from a story with which he collaborated The spell The main architect of the universe, James Wan. The film has the same fundamental problem as all the intermediates, that is, it is a bit irrelevant to the general narrative of the franchise, but it also dismisses Judy in an important way and paves the way for her to play a more important role in the future. Prestidigitation movies Like other Dauberman horror movie scripts, your Annabelle comes homeThe script deals with the subject of affliction and how emotional trauma or isolation can make people susceptible to being attacked by external forces (in this case, of course, literal demons). It does not have much to offer new ideas on this subject after the previous Prestidigitation Films, but it is an issue that continues to resonate emotionally here.

The premise of the film, which is basically Night (mare) in the museum. , is a bit more inventive in comparison. This is the first Prestidigitationfilm that has been made over the course of a single night, and its rhythm is even more stable. It also transcends the tradition of the series of being silently empowering in its portrayal of women by presenting three attractive female protagonists, which Grace, Sarife, and Iseman brought to life convincingly. Daniela and Judy have much more important bows than Mary Ellen, but the trio’s friendship is poignant and it’s easy to cheer them up as they battle against the dangerous creatures that have been waiting to escape from the Warrens’ artifact room. The only other character with significant screen time here is Mary Ellen’s lovable crush, Bob (Michael Cimino), who provides comic relief in her scenes. And, of course, Wilson and Farmiga are once again as big as Ed and Lorraine,

By this point, however, the audience knows if The spell The Mark of Horror (a lot of jumping fears combined with a mysterious set design) is theirs or not. Annabelle comes homeNor are they likely to change their minds, especially since the film leans toward the most extreme trends in the franchise by turning the Warrens home into a carnival-like scarecrow, complete with fog and ghosts ranging from wedding dresses frequented to predictions for the future. TV sets. That said, Dauberman does a good job of organizing the action of the film and finding different ways for the monsters to jump into the camera, with more than a little help from Jennifer Spence’s spooky production design and fluid camera work. DP Michael Burgess. His sense of craftsmanship, obviously, is not on the same level as Wan’s right, but Dauberman is doing perfectly well for a first player.

With seven entries to his credit at this stage (including The Curse of the Weeping Woman, which in itself is largely independent), The Conjuration The franchise seems to have found its rhythm as a collection of similar supernatural terror attractions, but not identical. Annabelle arrives home certainly does not break the mold in that sense but adds enough fresh ingredients to the mix to avoid feeling rancid and give more substance than the weakest. Prestidigitationspinoffs before that. Wan and Dauberman would probably be better off if they left Annabelle in her glass case after this (although they are still almost ahead), but the film presents many other ghouls and enchanted objects that could fill her place in a future installment. And while viewers continue to enjoy these films, there is little reason to doubt that the other dangerous items in the Warrens Museum will again wreak havoc.


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