‘Star Wars’ fans react as George Lucas changes ‘Han shot first’ scene again


Star Wars followers have been reacting after a infamous scene from A New Hope was modified once more upon the launch of Disney .

The streaming service launched yesterday (November 12) and followers have identified that one explicit scene, which has modified a number of occasions for the reason that 1977 authentic and grow to be legendary in consequence, has shifted as soon as once more.

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The scene in query has prompted loads of debate over whether or not Han or Greedo shoot first of their battle throughout A New Hope.

The 1977 authentic noticed Han shoot Greedo earlier than the latter might attain the set off, however this was altered in a brand new version of the movie launched within the late 1990s, with Greedo capturing first within the new model.

Han Solo Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford as the unique Han Solo

Now, a tweaked model of the scene has made it into the Disney model of A New Hope, which sees neither of the pair capturing first – they fireplace at about the identical time. Watch the scene under.

Within the Disney model of Star Wars Greedo now shouts “MACLUNKEY” earlier than getting shot. That is now my favourite model as a result of why the hell not? MACLUNKEY! #starwars #maclunkey pic.twitter.com/k1XmP8wAZT

— Eric Fell (@ericfell) November 12, 2019

There’s one other line added into the movie too. Based on Self-importance Honest, a brand new line by Greedo, that he says earlier than his dying, was added in by Lucas earlier than Disney acquired LucasFilm.

The road merely sees him say “Maclunkey,” a phrase that’s now complicated and thrilling Star Wars followers throughout the web, who’re reacting to the brand new tweak in A New Hope, with some believing that they’ve labored out what the elusive phrase means.

“If you paid attention to the extended Star Wars canon you would know that Maclunkey is Greedo’s partner, who was one week from retirement when Han killed him. the line is a devastating rebuke,” one tweeted.

One other believes they’ve discovered a translation for the phrase, that means “This’ll be the end of you.”

should you paid consideration to the prolonged Star Wars canon you’ll know that Maclunkey is Greedo’s companion, who was one week from retirement when Han killed him. the road is a devastating rebuke

— James Wades (@jamesodinwade) November 12, 2019

Additionally, the phrase Maclunkey (or nevertheless you spell it) was utilized by Sebulba. My Huttese is a bit rusty, however, roughly translated, it means “This’ll be the end of you” pic.twitter.com/wkktkZJXGW

— Bryan Younger (@swankmotron) November 12, 2019

Others have proven a mixture of delight and anger on the new change.

George Lucas, persevering with to vary ’A New Hope’ & the Greedo scene, makes my whole life.

That cosmic trickster angering idiots on-line regardless of not even being in cost any extra simply fuels me ? #Maclunkey. pic.twitter.com/IpxyMao9N4

— Charlie ‘Maclunkey’ Ashby (@CMWAshby) November 12, 2019

To rejoice Greedo now yelling “Maclunkey” in Star Wars, I’ve made this GIF. You are welcome, and… MACLUNKEY! pic.twitter.com/xM46gpLJSs

— Eric Fell (@ericfell) November 12, 2019


Simply because it’s so weirdly humorous.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) November 12, 2019

George when he awakened this morning and noticed that the web had found his closing present to #StarWars followers: #Maclunkey pic.twitter.com/5ImHMK0L9O

— Jeremy Conrad (@ManaByte) November 12, 2019

The launch of Disney additionally noticed the debut of recent Star Wars spin-off TV sequence The Mandalorian.

Star Wars episode 9 – The Rise Of Skywalker – involves cinemas December 20.

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