The horoscope of Friday 21 June 2019


The horoscope of the day of Friday 21 June 2019: the Moon enters Aquarius and is placed in trigon with Venus in Gemini. The transit will emphasize the importance of being friends, as well as lovers, favoring dialogue and understanding between lovers. Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces will make sure that passion and romance are not lacking.

Let’s see in detail the forecasts for June 21 , sign by sign:

Aries – The daily horoscope

The Moon in Aquarius, in trigon with Venus in Gemini, could push you to intellectualize your emotions too much instead of living them spontaneously as you usually do. As the Latins used to say: in medio stat virtus.

Taurus – The daily horoscope

The Moon in Aquarius, in quadrature with Uranus in your sign, will stimulate you to change some old habits that have now had their day. Trust your instincts and follow the flow of events.

Gemini – The daily horoscope

The Moon in Aquarius, in trigon with Venus in your sign, will favor both relationships with friends and sentimental ones. In some cases the two spheres could coincide: from a friendship, a romantic love story could be born.

Cancer – The daily horoscope

Mars in your sign, opposed to Saturn in Capricorn, will push you to make yourself worth more at work than ever: that colleague who always tries to make shoes for you will finally understand that he has no chance with you.

Leo – The daily horoscope

The Moon in opposition to your sign and in trigon to Venus in Gemini will spur you to change perspective in love, in particular, to be less possessive. Live and let live may not become your motto, but you will approach it.

Virgo – The daily horoscope

Your planet Mercury, conjunct Mars in Cancer and opposite to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, will spur you to put more passion into your work. The personal interest could become a second profession.

Libra – The daily horoscope

The Moon in Aquarius, in trine to Venus in Gemini, will make you more inclined than ever to slip right and left. Your charm will hit a particular person with whom you share, among other things, a sense of humor.

Scorpio – The daily horoscope

The Moon in Aquarius, squared to your sign and trine to Venus, will urge you to be more objective in interacting with your friends. Accepting your responsibilities in a recent quarrel will be the first step in making peace.

Sagittarius – The daily horoscope

The Moon in Aquarius, trine to Venus in turn in opposition to your sign, could make you make some confusion between friendship and love by pushing yourself into the arms of a person unsuitable for you as a partner. Be cautious.

Capricorn – The daily horoscope

Saturn in your sign, combined with Pluto and opposite to Mars and Mercury, will spur you to dedicate yourself to a work project that nobody wants but of which you alone have grasped the potential. Time will prove you right.

Aquarius – The daily horoscope

The Moon in your sign, in trigon with Venus in Gemini, will spur you to do healthy self-analysis, reflecting in particular on your sentimental situation. Having fewer prejudices will prove to be the winning strategy.

Pisces – The daily horoscope

Venus in Gemini, as opposed to Jupiter in Sagittarius, could lead you to flirt especially with foreign people. Go along with this impulse: it will be useful for you to broaden your cultural horizons, in the face of our own oxen.


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