The horoscope of Monday 8 July 2019


Monday’s horoscope sees the Sun set in a trigone of Neptune: it’s time to pull the dreams out of the drawer!

The horoscope of the day of Monday July 8, 2019 : the Sun in Cancer is trigonal to Neptune in Pisces, a transit which, combining the creative and positive energy of the Sun with that of the dreamer and visionary of Neptune, will increase the determination to realize the own dreams, even the most daring ones. The Moon in Virgo, in trigon to Pluto, will make sure to add that pinch of rationality necessary to achieve the desired results.

Let’s see in detail the forecasts for July 8th , sign by sign:

Aries – The daily horoscope

The Sun in Cancer, opposite to Saturn in Capricorn, will help you shed light on some existential problems that you can solve only by changing your attitude. It will not be a painless process, but it will no doubt be useful.

Latin motto: Faber est suae quisque fortunae

Taurus – The daily horoscope

The Moon in trigon Pluto in Capricorn will help you start the week serious and focused on work, despite the temperatures continue to scream holiday. Set yourself an ambitious goal: you have all the skills to do it.

Latin motto: Amor tussisque non caelatur

Gemini – The daily horoscope

The Moon in Virgo, in trigon to Pluto, could make you see plots everywhere. If the bartender has finished your favorite coffee granita, it could simply be the fault of the heat and not a spite against you.

Latin motto: Intelligent pauca

Cancer – The daily horoscope

The Sun in your sign, in trigon to Neptune in Pisces, will incite you to fight with all your strength to realize a dream that you hold dear. Just pay attention to planning the practical details well: Saturn in opposition controls you on sight.

Latin motto: Nosce te ipsum

Leo – The daily horoscope

Mercury in your sign, joined to Mars and in quadrature to Uranus, could make you give too many answers to those who do not show enough admiration for your ideas. A pinch of modesty won’t hurt you.

Latin motto: Oculi sunt in amore duces

Virgo – The daily horoscope

The Moon in your sign, in trigone to Pluto in Capricorn, will spur you to undertake a path of profound inner transformation. Start by detoxifying your body with a nice vegetable-based diet.

Latin motto: Sic stantibus rebus

Libra – The daily horoscope

Mercury and Mars in Leo, in sextile to your sign, will incite you to make yourself worth more at work. The diplomacy that distinguishes you is important, but don’t fall into the error of wanting to please everyone.

Latin motto: In vino veritas

Scorpio – The daily horoscope

The Moon in Virgo, trigon to your guiding planet Pluto, will urge you to be more rational and detached in assessing a work problem. Exploiting it from useless dramas, you will discover that the solution is at hand.

Latin motto: In medio stat virtus

Sagittarius – The daily horoscope

Mercury and Mars in Leo, in quadrature with Uranus, will make you rather sure of yourself but, at the same time, not very inclined to accept the point of view of others. Unity, as the saying goes, is strength.

Latin motto: Life on the east

Capricorn – The daily horoscope

The Moon in Virgo, in trigon to Pluto in your sign, will spur you to analyze in depth your real desires in the professional sphere. A proposal that does not convince you at first sight could turn out to be interesting instead.

Latin motto: Pecunia non olet

Aquarius – The daily horoscope

Mars and Mercury, in opposition to your sign and in quadrature with Uranus in Taurus, will make you go on a rampage in the face of the most banal unexpected events. Call on your creativity to find new solutions to old problems.

Latin motto: Amantes amentes

Pisces – The daily horoscope

The Sun in Cancer, in trigon to Neptune in your sign, will help you to have more confidence in yourself: that dream that you kept carefully in the drawer now has excellent possibilities to be realized, believe it and the universe will do the same!

Latin motto: Amor vincit omnia


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