The POCO Team confirms that Android Q will arrive at the POCOPHONE F1


A few days ago, Xiaomi confirmed us the list of their mobile devices that would receive Android Q before the end of 2019. A small list that specifically mentioned the last flagships of the brand, as well as those of the previous generation and that, did not mention the POCOPHONE F1.

After the great uproar caused by it and also, the large number of questions regarding whether this device would be forgotten and not receive the latest update of the Google operating system, the POCO Team has finally manifested confirming one of the best news of these days for all the owners of POCOPHONE F1.

Specifically, as we can see in the following screenshots made on Twitter,  Jai Mani and Alvin Tse, two of the developers belonging to the POCO Team, recalled in the social network what already last year had already announced.

And, last 2018, the POCOPHONE development team mentioned that their successful smartphone would receive the new version of Android, probably at the end of 2019 when we saw it arrive in a new update.

In this way, all the owners of the POCOPHONE F1 can rest assured that the great development team that exists behind these smartphone top sales of 2018, continues to work hard to improve its system and to get all the new functions that Google is going integrating into Android.


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