The return of IS leader Baghdadi


The Islamic State(IS) was at the top at its glory last time when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who appeared in a video was seen in the platform of the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, Iraq’s second’s largest city after the IS declared the new Caliphate.

Almost five years later he appeared in a video uploaded by al-Furqan who is the part of IS media cell on April 29th at a time when the IS was practically on the run which consists of 18 minutes of duration. In this video, he has seen sitting cross-legged on the floor of a room talking to followers with a Kalashnikov leaning against the wall in the background.

In the five years since his Mosul appearance, the IS has lost almost all the terrorists it had captured and the remained of al-Nuri Mosque from where Baghdadi gave the sermons, which are now with Iraq Government. The IS lost Baghouz, the last slice of territory it had in Syria, to Kurdish militants.

It is clearly elevating in the video that IS wants to continue the war it started irrespective of the setbacks it has suffered ad it is telling the world especially the group’s supporters and sympathizers that Caliph Bhagdadi has survived the fall of the Caliphate.

Second Baghdadi is referred to the Easter Sunday Bombings in Sri Lanka in the video. As a for your brothers in Sri Lanka, they have put joy in the heart Monotheists with their immersing operations that struck the homes of the crusades in their Easter in Punishment inflicted for their brothers Baghouz he said.

Third Baghdadi tells his followers what should they do and says the Caliphate was defeated by the Crusaders in the reference to the West though in fact the Kurdish militias in Syria and Shia Militias and the National Army in Iraq played a major role in the destruction.

This is not only the first time where the IS is using the crusade imaginary according to the IS literature and the Westerners have always been called crusaders. But in this Baghdadi himself pinpointed an enemy and asked his followers to attack them as the group’s revival strategy.

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