The US prepares a wave of arrests of illegal immigrants


The United States is preparing the detention of 2,000 undocumented immigrants arrived as a family in the country and could begin this operation on Sunday, according to several local media.

President Donald Trump promised on Monday that the immigration police would begin next week to expel “millions” of illegal immigrants settled in the United States, without giving further details.

His tweet hastened the preparations started weeks ago, and according to anonymous sources quoted by The Washington Post, NBC and CNN, the arrests could begin at dawn on Sunday in a dozen of the main cities of the country, including Houston, Chicago, New York, and Miami.

Migrants who did not appear for court hearings or who have received expulsion notices could be detained at home or at their place of work.

However, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States, Kevin McAleenan, doubts certain aspects of the operation, media reports said.

He particularly highlighted the risk of separating families, for example, if the children are in a legal situation but not their parents.

Donald Trump has turned the fight against illegal immigration into one of the characteristics of his presidency. In the spring of 2017, his government declared a policy of “zero tolerance” on the border with Mexico, which led to the separation of hundreds of families.

The tragedies experienced by these families caused a stir even in Republican ranks and the president ordered in June 2017 to end that policy.

Since then, migratory flows have increased steadily, with an increasing number of families and minors coming mainly from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

In May, more than 144,000 migrants were arrested or returned to the southern border, against an average of 20,000 in the first months of Trump’s presidency.

Expelling whole families, the Republican tycoon wants to send a dissuasive message to Central America.

But his announcement of “millions” of deportations, on the eve of the launch of his re-election campaign for 2020, was perceived as an impossible goal to achieve.

The expulsions have reached a maximum of around 400,000 a year in early 2010, and have been around 250,000 a year after the election of Donald Trump


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