Trump says he never retracted the attack on Iran


The US president stresses that “at this moment” the bombing is stopped and adds that the media have incorrectly reported what happened.

The US president, Donald Trump, has assured that he did not back down with his intention to bomb Iran after the downing of a US surveillance drone but has only stopped that possible attack momentarily.

“I never recanted [the order of] the attack against Iran, as people have incorrectly reported, I only  stopped their advance at this moment!”, The president said through Twitter in reference to the reports of different media.

The tenant of the White House had confirmed that initially, he wanted to attack the Islamic Republic, but he assured that he canceled the operation ten minutes after it started because he was informed that 150 people would die.

Trump specified that the aircraft that had to perpetuate the bombing was still on the ground at the time of their change of mind, but said they were going to take off “very soon” and the situation would have reached “the point of no return. “

After Tehran killed the US RQ-4 Global Hawk on Wednesday near the Strait of Hormuz, tensions between the US and Iran continue to rise: Trump has anticipated new anti- Iranian sanctions and has emphasized that military action “is always on the table. “


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