Tuesday 25 June 2019 Horoscope


A day full of surprises, it’s the right time to dedicate yourself to eros. Virgo today could be fundamental a good dialectic and a little more understanding to strengthen the understanding. Aquarius you will have to deal with the past, something will recur very soon. Forecasts for all signs in the Horoscope of the day 25 June 2019.

Aries – The daily horoscope

Those who already have a relationship could use this lucky day to strengthen their relationship with their partner. Put your heart and not just your mind! New achievements on the horizon for singles, sparkling evening and beyond expectations for those who want to experience the adventure.

Work: At work, it goes a little slow, but don’t worry, you will soon recover and have everything under control.

Proverb: Do not sell bear skin before taking it

Taurus – The daily horoscope

A day full of surprises, it’s the right time to dedicate yourself to eros and live with your partner dreamy moments. Too bad that good things don’t last long! The period of grit and desire for singles continues, so many new surprises are coming.

Work: You probably worked too hard in the past few days, take a break if you feel the need.

Proverb: Those who truly love always return, because love knows all roads

Gemini – The daily horoscope

Today you could lay the foundations for consolidating a feeling and finally making clarity in your private life. Home and family will be your priority. Singles may feel more emotional and sensitive than usual, but for this, they will not be less fascinating.

Work: Try to think more about some work proposals, do not rush to make a 

Proverb: Not all that glitters is gold

Cancer – The daily horoscope

Today you might feel a bit confused and this could lead to negative implications even in your relationship with your loved one. The lonely hearts will be fascinating and mysterious, you will not miss the conquests!

Work: Better to take a break from everything and engage in less demanding activities. You need to pull the plug.

Proverb: Those who go slow go healthy and go far

Leo – The daily horoscope

You may feel the need to take some time for yourself. You need to be alone, so don’t make plans if you’re with someone. Singles will be a bit bored and it’s not the right day to make new achievements.

Work: On the way, new, very attractive proposals, which is lacking in private life at the moment compensates for the work.

Proverb: Whoever praises is sbroda

Virgo – The daily horoscope

Today a good dialectic and a little more understanding could be fundamental to strengthen the understanding. Passion at the top! For singles it is an excellent time to make new friends and achievements, you will have the stars on your side that protect you.

Proverb: Better alone than badly accompanied

Libra – The daily horoscope

Today in love you will be misunderstood and you will have difficulty in expressing yourself, perhaps you do not feel at ease. Have patience and be cautious in speaking. Singles will have many chances to see someone they care about, but remember that people change.

Work: Avoid giving confidences to the wrong people, you could be subject to 

Proverb: Working with good will is the best job

Scorpio – The daily horoscope

Your stubbornness sometimes makes you make mistakes. Do not trust appearances that make you think of a betrayal, investigate before accusing. Good day for singles who will share a thousand interests and can devote themselves to their passions.

Work: It could be the decisive day for those looking for a job. Be patient and be 

Proverb: Jealousy is a bark of dogs that attracts thieves

Sagittarius – The daily horoscope

Clarifications in pairs and small discussions are in sight. Do not take long, but point out your opinions on some behaviors that you do not like. Very positive day for singles who will have some interesting meetings in the evening.

Work: Today you will have to make important decisions, but with the help of the stars, everything will be positive. Reflect on the right choices.

Proverb: Trust is good, trust is better

Capricorn – The daily horoscope

Among the solid couples serious programs for the future can be born. Today is the right day to make challenging proposals. For singles the day will be busy and full of surprises, but in the evening something unexpected will happen.

Work: Some small incidents will cause work delays. Don’t worry, you will have numerous chances to count on.

Proverb: The appearance deceives

Aquarius – The daily horoscope

You will have to deal with the past, something will recur very soon. Possible agitations between couples due to some lie or an unrevealed secret. Single friends will have to watch out for false friendships, better avoid them.

Work: It will be an unfavorable day and some boredom among colleagues will disturb you. Don’t be too sure of yourself, better be careful.

Proverb: Who sleeps does not catch fish

Pisces – The daily horoscope

The Moon in your sign joined to Neptune and in quadrature both to Jupiter and to Venus, will strengthen your already fervent fantasy more than ever: dream as well, but do not completely lose contact with reality. One step at a time, you will reach the goal.

Your love situation is very clear and for those who have been in a couple for a long time, there is no doubt that it is a firm bond. Young couples will have to decide what to do. Singles today will have so many things to do and will be able to live new experiences.

Work: It is a difficult period but soon the events will turn in your favor. Think about good projects for your future.

Proverb: The hearts of lovers are connected to each other and always beat in unison


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