WATCH: Avalanche 2018 first-round pick Martin Kaut collapses in Day 1 of training camp


CENTENNIAL — Exhausted, he fell and couldn’t stand up.

Ahead Martin Kaut, the Avs’ 2018 first-round draft decide (16th total), was in a debilitated state after doing his timed skating check Friday to conclude Day 1 of coaching camp at Household Sports activities Middle.

After finishing three reps of skating the size of the ice four 1/2 occasions, Kaut, 19, fell to his abdomen in opposition to the sideboards, rolled round for a number of minutes and didn’t return to his toes till an assistant coach informed him to “get up.”

He later apologized on Twitter, after seeing a video of his exhausting habits.

“I’m sorry for this, it wasn’t professional,” Kaut wrote.

In his each day press convention, Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar defended Kaut as a result of he hadn’t seen his check scores and assumed he gave it his best possible.

“Would I like to see every guy completely exhausted and laying on the ice after the skate? Yes. That’s the goal. It’s not to pace yourself and make sure that you can do all three (reps) without a drop-off. It’s to go as fast as you can all three times and see if you can sustain it for three reps,” Bednar mentioned. “That gives our training staff and strength coaches a real good indication on where they’re at. He may have significantly faster times this year than last year and he just pushed himself to the limit. So I don’t want to make it into a negative for him.”

Bednar mentioned each participant was informed of the skating check and suggested to coach for it. Each participant appeared exhausted however Kaut might need been the one one who couldn’t stay on his skates.

Bednar: “The goal of that skate, No. 1, is players know it’s coming, so u can’t hide … No. 2, u have to push yourself to ur limit & make sure ur times r real good. So the fact he’s exhausted afterward & he gave it his all is not necessary a negative as long as his times r OK.”

— Mike Chambers (@MikeChambers) September 13, 2019


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