[Watch] Is this the easiest catch ever dropped? You have to watch it to believe it!

Joe Denly

Joe Denly dropping the catch of Kane WilliamsonTwitter

Dropped catches are half and parcel of the sport of cricket. Nevertheless, generally, the dropped catches are really easy that there is no such thing as a defence for the fielders. Even by probably the most lax requirements of fielding, Joe Denly’s dropped catch of Kane Williamson, off the bowling of Jofra Archer, was extremely poor.

The New Zealand captain had been the beneficiary of fine luck even earlier within the innings when a simple catch down the leg facet was put down by Ollie Pope, a part-time wicketkeeper made to do the complete job as a consequence of Jos Buttler’s harm.

However the catch dropped by Denly would have embarrassed even a 7-year outdated cricketer. Williamson was batting on 62 and going through Jofra Archer. The English quick bowler bowled a slower supply which the Kiwi batsman tried to flick however mistimed it fully. The ball went straight to Denly, lobbing on the most light tempo.

However, inexplicably, he dropped the catch. Everybody, English gamers, commentators, and viewers, all have been shocked. The perfect touch upon the dropped catch got here from Mark Butcher. He stated: “I don’t know how you can drop this, it’s virtually impossible!” Mark Richardson, commentating reside, exclaimed: “Oh, what have you done! What have you done there!”

Have a look at the dropped catch for your self: 

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