watchOS 6 Add new Features and apps to Apple Watch


Apple WWDC has launched many new things. Let’s see the story of watchOS 6 to come to the conclusion. That there is something new Starting with Watch Face, there are many new additions. Take it, Anyone who wants to have a new look instead of the old one, for example, Modular Compact, Solar Dial, California, Gradient, Gradient, and numbers.

The new app added Since the stock app Apps, audiobooks, audiobooks, voice memos and calculator apps, and new App Store additions for Apple Watch. Download new apps directly from the device. No need to go through management from on the iPhone first.

In addition, the app can be installed from other developers via the App Store. It has the ability to search for apps by voice. Siri can print with Dictation or write on the screen.

And now, developers can create apps for Apple Watch only without having to create apps for iOS as before.

In addition, there will be a lot of health and fitness systems. Such as the warning period app Sound volume measurement app And new trend apps For capturing various activities and movements


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