What is The Difference Between Curd and Yoghurt? Know How These Dairy Products Differ From Each Other and Which One’s Healthier



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Nov 16, 2019 04:31 PM IST

What is The Difference Between Curd and Yoghurt? Know How These Dairy Products Differ From Each Other and Which One's Healthier

Yoghurt and Curd (Picture Credit: Pixabay and YouTube)

For many people, curd types an important a part of our day by day meals. However in case you occur to journey overseas and search for curd, you usually tend to get yoghurt. Though yoghurt is now obtainable simply in India too, many have no idea the distinction between the 2. The look and texture of it look the identical, however there may be fairly some distinction between the 2 dairy merchandise. Yoghurt is accessible in lots of flavours, which makes it distinct however there are a number of different variations between the 2. Allow us to inform you extra in regards to the distinction between curd and yoghurt. Are Butter and Makkhan The Similar? Know The That means & Variations Between the Two Generally-Used Milk Merchandise.

The phrase ‘yoghurt’ has its origin within the Turkish phrase, ‘yoğurt’, which suggests “to curdle or coagulated; to thicken”. There are completely different spellings of this relying on the areas. Different spellings of it embrace yoghurt, yoghourt, yogourt, yaghourt, yahourth, yoghurd, joghourt, and jogourt.


Yoghurt and curd are made with completely different types of milk, though they’re fermented equally. For making curd, an edible acidic substance like lemon juice or vinegar is added within the fermented milk. For yoghurt, milk is fermented utilizing micro organism, that are known as as “yoghurt cultures.” They encompass micro organism scientifically named Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles.

For making curd, the milk is coagulated. After including the acidic substances, the milk separates into two elements, liquid whey and strong milk curd. Curd is eaten with sugar or salt and spices. It can be processed into cottage cheese (paneer).


Dahi or curd has its personal distinctive style effectively as yoghurt is accessible in many various flavours. There are a number of fruit flavours added to yoghurt to boost its style extra. Yoghurt is accessible in strawberry, blueberry, peach, kiwi, raspberry flavours. Curd, if stored for lengthy turns bitter. Smoothies and Milkshakes are Not The Similar, Know the Distinction Between the Drinks.

Dietary Worth and Well being Advantages

Each yoghurt and curd are a wealthy supply of calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin-vitamin B2, vitamin B12,  zinc, potassium, protein.  So it’s a widespread query as to which is the more healthy choice among the many two? Health freaks as of late desire yoghurt over the curd, as a result of they wish to keep away from lactose merchandise. Apart from, there are sugar-free yoghurt choices out there, that are extra wholesome. Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How one can Use Yoghurt to Lose Weight.

In the meantime, the curd is sweet for digestion due to the wholesome micro organism. It prevents constipation and acidity, together with prevention of inflammatory infections. So each of those dairy merchandise are helpful and needs to be consumed in keeping with one’s choice and well being necessities.

We hope, we’ve got given you the excellence between yoghurt and curd. You possibly can strive each of them and see the distinction in style too. Do not get fooled in shopping for both as a alternative of the opposite.

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