Woman with endometriosis is mistaken for being pregnant thanks to severe bloating


Claudia Wright, 28, from Perth, Australia, now with anti-inflammatory foods

Claudia was misdiagnosed for years (Image: Caters Information)

After 16 years of being misdiagnosed, Claudia Wright, 28, was advised she had stage 4 endometriosis – a situation which causes tissue to develop throughout her reproductive organs and bowels.

Regardless of having specialist surgical procedure in America, Claudia nonetheless suffers from such extreme bloating that folks typically assume she’s pregnant.

Every misplaced remark is a reminder that Claudia could by no means be capable of carry a baby of her personal.

Claudia, from Perth, Australia, mentioned: ‘It’s a devastating blow each time any individual asks me if I’m pregnant and when my due date is as a result of I could by no means be capable of have a child of my very own.

‘It’s a merciless joke that I can look pregnant, however I could by no means be pregnant, the physician has suggested for my accomplice Michael Crugnale, 28, and I to begin making an attempt sooner moderately than later as my likelihood is rapidly lowering.

‘I have a tendency to cover beneath dishevelled clothes or keep indoors when I’ve a flare up due to the ache to keep away from being questioned by strangers.

Claudia Wright, 28, from Perth, Australia, when her endometriosis made her belly bloat

Claudia’s endometriosis causes such extreme swelling that she’s typically mistaken for being pregnant (Image: Caters Information)

‘My left ovary is currently showing signs of shutting down and it’s fully motionless, so I can’t attempt for a household till that’s sorted as I have to have it minimize from the scar tissue.

‘It’s traumatic to be advised chances are you’ll not be capable of have a child, however hey, attempt anyway and check out now, no matter your private circumstances.

‘Surgery isn’t a treatment for my situation as it’s a continual sickness, I had a part of my endometriosis excised in October 2018 by Middle for Endometriosis Care in America.

What’s endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a situation the place cells like those within the lining of the womb are discovered elsewhere within the physique, comparable to within the ovaries or the fallopian tubes.

Every month, these cells react in the identical technique to these within the womb, increase after which breaking down and bleeding. Not like the cells within the womb that depart the physique as a interval, this blood has no technique to escape.

It’s a continual and debilitating situation that causes painful or heavy intervals, and it will probably result in infertility, fatigue and bowel and bladder issues.

The situation is pretty frequent, with round 1.5 million ladies within the UK residing with it.

Signs fluctuate from individual to individual however among the commonest embody:

  • Painful, heavy, or irregular intervals
  • Ache throughout or after intercourse
  • Infertility
  • Painful bowel actions
  • Fatigue

Endometriosis UK

‘The surgical procedure concerned separating my fused organs, a hysteroscopy, checking my fallopian tubes have been clear and work and eradicating the endometriosis from my bowel and reproductive organs.

‘The excision I the gold standard of care and best treatment option to remove the disease but it doesn’t imply I now not have it.’

Claudia was first recognized with Crohn’s illness at 11 years previous as she suffered with excruciating decrease stomach pains, fatigue, rectal bleeding and migraines.

PIC FROM Caters News - (PICTURED: Claudia Wright, 28, from Perth, Australia, when her endometriosis made her belly bloat ) - A young woman who suffers with severe endometriosis has slammed strangers for assuming she is pregnant due to her severe bloating.After 16 years of being misdiagnosed, Claudia Wright, 28, was told she had stage four endometriosis - a condition which causes tissue to grow across her reproductive organs and bowels.Despite having specialist surgery in America to remove, she still suffers from severe bloating during her menstrual cycle.Claudia says it is heart wrenching every time somebody assumed her bloated stomach is pregnancy related as she may never carry a child of her own.SEE CATERS COPY

The confusion is ‘devastating’ for Claudia as she’s been advised she could by no means be capable of carry a baby (Image: Caters Information)

She spent 15 years being handled for the illness till 2017 when medical doctors discharged her and defined she had been misdiagnosed.

Claudia started to do her personal analysis and found that the signs of endometriosis precisely lined up along with her personal expertise.

She was lastly recognized with extreme endometriosis by a gynaecologist. Whereas it was aid to determine what was occurring, issues didn’t get significantly better. Quickly Claudia needed to stop her job in PR and advertising and marketing as her extreme ache prevented her from leaving the home.

She’s just lately bought a strolling stick as her ache and fatigue make it laborious to even stand.

Claudia Wright, 28, from Perth, Australia, in hospital in the recovery room

Claudia has had specialist surgical procedure to deal with her endometriosis, however there is no such thing as a treatment (Image: Caters Information)

Claudia is now sharing her story – alongside photographs of her swollen stomach – on Instagram to boost consciousness of endometriosis and the impression it will probably have on individuals’s lives.

‘Endometriosis is overlooked because it isn’t terminal however the despair from residing a life in extreme ache that isn’t believed, or going by means of repeated surgical procedures with no profitable outcomes may be,’ she explains.

‘I keep optimistic as a result of I’m surrounded by a tremendous help system and I exploit Instagram to show my ache into energy by utilizing my story and information of the illness to assist others.

‘I’m all about researching, advocating, educating and sharing with the endometriosis group and the larger public.’


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